Appiano Gentile: final session before Neftci

APPIANO GENTILE – At the Centro Sportivo
Angelo Moratti, the Nerazzurri concluded their final
training session in preparation for Inter v Neftci, the
final match of Group H of the UEFA Europa League scheduled for tomorrow night at the Stadio Giuseppe
Meazza (kick-off at 21:05).

After the warm-up there were exercises on ball possession for the group, to which were added 7 lads from Daniele Bernazzani’s Primavera squad:
Andrea Bandini (defender, 1994), Niccolo’ Belloni (forward, 1994), Isaac Donkor
(defender, 1995), Marco Ferrara (defender, 1994), Luca Garritano (forward,
1994), Giovanni Terrani (forward, 1994), Simone Pasa (midfielder, 1994).

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