Amala: season ticket campaign ends on Sunday

– Just a few days before the 2012/13 season ticket campaign ends on Sunday, FC Internazionale Stadium Area and Security Director Pierfrancesco

spoke to Inter Channel over the phone on this afternoon’s edition of Radio

"We’d like to
take this opportunity to thank all the fans because this year Inter
has sold more season tickets than any other club. We’re delighted and
we’d like to encourage those who haven’t yet done so to sign up in
these last few days. It’s a great deal because you get ten games for the
price of five. And if there are two kids under 14 you can
get four season tickets for the price of two. These are the only two
special offers authorised by Inter. As for the stadium, we’re currently
investing in the refreshment areas and there’s a big project in the
pipeline to make the Meazza more comfortable for everyone and
introduce a whole host of activities besides the ones already planned for match

A better stadium for
everyone, a thank you to season ticket holders and generally all
the fans who get behind the team, and a clarification following the
recent news about cheap tickets and a variety of special
offers being touted by a certain website.

"The only clarification
that needs to be made is that the site in question [Groupon – Ed.] is not
authorised by Inter because Inter only sells tickets through the
official channels specified on – that is, on the websites
and at branches of Banca Popolare di Milano and Banca Popolare di
Legnano, and at the ticket offices at the stadium on matchdays. No
other site is authorised to sell tickets. The company in question, like
others before it and others that will no doubt follow, is not
authorised, so we invite fans to be wary of going through other

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