Adelina Chivu: If Jose call’s us, we’re coming

The magazine One, Adelina Chivu, Inter defender Cristian’s wife, has made a statement quite unexpected on the future of his life companion, a future that emerges from what seems oriented Real Madrid: “If Jose Mourinho called Cristian Real , we will move to Madrid. This is football. We do not have a home in the truest sense, we bought this apartment in Milan two years ago, but I never thought that this was our final home. At the end of Cristi career probably will return to Romania, but until you play, you can not. I also had to stop working because of football … “said Mrs. Chivu.

Market rumors start to go crazy, but only a week and a half ago, Chivu’s agent Victor Becali, said FcInterNews: Chivu is happy in Italy, and has a contract until 2012, “He added,” No contact and no offer, but you never know what can happen and the transfer market and just started … “and attention to something important.

One thought on “Adelina Chivu: If Jose call’s us, we’re coming”

  1. I wouldn’t be sad if chivu signed for madrid, bu i dont think he is, its just politicts so that inter pay chivu more money.

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