Zanetti: "We'll give our all"

SPLIT – After Stramaccioni it was time to hear from Zanetti, who – just three
games away from his 800th competitive appearance – would mark his 150th
European match for the Nerazzurri tomorrow should he take to the pitch:
"We know that we’ll encounter a very energetic atmosphere tomorrow, but I
believe there are many of us who are used to this kind of situation. The important
thing is to try to play an intelligent match and try to make the most of our
characteristics that we believe can help us play a great game."

The Nerazzurri captain also spoke about preparation: "We’ll
have to be smart. We know we still haven’t done a full month of work yet but
we’ll have to pull out our other qualities and try to always keep in mind that
there are two matches and that we have to try to give everything we have."

The first competitive match tomorrow will also mark the start of Zanetti’s 18th
season at Inter. "It’s an important season for everybody because there are
so many changes. I’m confident. There are also a lot of youngsters and those of
us with more experience have to help them. They represent the future of this
club – a great future," he stated.

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