TVS: interview with Handanovic and Belec

PINZOLO – The first was born in Ljubljana, the second in Maribor. Together,
Samir Handanovic and Vid Belec bring a slice of Slovenia to Inter. They play
the same role, but with different experiences. They discussed this on Slovenian
National TV after training today.

"Joining Inter means an increase in my responsibilities, but essentially
this is what you work for," stated Handanovic. "This is the goal you aim for.
Now I’m finally here and I’ll take on the responsibilities that come with this
choice and with being on an important team like Inter. I’m surprised at how
many fans are following us in this pre-season camp. There were always a lot for
Udinese but it was never like this. All of this support really spurs on the
team. Was it painful to say goodbye to Udine? It wasn’t very easy since I had
been there for so long. I was happy there, but I’m a professional and I always
have to look to the future. Having Slovenian team-mates? It’s good and we help
each other out."

After Samir spoke Vid Belec: "Now there are two of us from Slovenia on the
team, but let’s see what happens between now and the end of the transfer
market. I still don’t know where I’ll go. For now my thoughts are on my work.
I’m focused and working hard. Handanovic? I’m very happy because he deserved a
big club. Here we’re always together."

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