Stramaccioni: "What character, this Inter"

MILAN – Andrea Stramaccioni was satisfied because "today’s match against
Cesena was the hardest one because it was the one to potentially put us up
there in contention with the other teams for 3rd place, and we often didn’t
take advantage of the situation." The Nerazzurri coach spoke to Sky Sport
on the win that left Inter with 55 points in the standings "against
a team that was already relegated, but one that played a good game, as they had
done against Juventus. It was a good match."

Another comeback for Stramaccioni’s Inter, but he assured: "It’s not that
we do it on purpose. I think that we saw the best Inter in the first half. I
believe I counted at least fourteen shots. And then Cesena did well to counter
and find the best moment to pull ahead. We turned around a difficult match
today and I must say thanks to a great crowd. The fans today gave us a huge
boost and I thank them all."

The Nerazzurri coach continued: "We’re really improving our ball
circulation. We had done very well at Udine, and today we were consistent in
producing the play, thanks to my players. I’m happy for the fact that the lads
are interpreting well what we work on during the week, and another aspect that
I really like is the one regarding character; for the umpteenth time we went
behind and we were able to recover. Today I also want to especially emphasize
the great performance from Cambiasso, who today gave his all in a position that
is usually Stankovic’s, and also the idea that we emphasised the system over
individuals. However, we must do better in goals conceded."

In the pre-match, president Moratti had declared himself to be in support of
the idea of confirming Andrea Stramaccioni for next year: "We must come to
an agreement on the signing however… [smiling]. My twelve agents are
negotiating the renewal. If confirmed would I ask the club to hang on to
Zarate? I don’t think this is the place to talk about these things. We’ve
arrived this far, now let’s think about Parma."

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