Stramaccioni: "It’s down to the players"

– It was a question that was bound to come sooner or later
and it was put to Andrea Stramaccioni during his press conference
ahead of Parma v Inter: Do you think you’ve done what Massimo
asked of you? The Nerazzurri coach, aware that it was a
question about the future, was cautious in his reply: "You’ll have to ask the president whether I’ve done well. I can say that in this period I have done what I wanted to and what I could, and perhaps even a bit more than that, something I hadn’t imagined. But if this has been possible it’s
thanks to the players, their professionalism and their ability. I
want to underline that once again because these players have been
unfairly criticised in the past." Can too much praise be a bad thing? "If it
comes from the president, as I’ve said, it motivates me even more.
But I’d be lying if I said receiving compliments
from footballing greats isn’t nice."

to the pitch, there’s a team to pick for tomorrow’s game against Parma. Will Stramaccioni’s selection be influenced by Sunday’s derby, with
some players one booking away from a suspension, others returning from
injury and others still who have being working overtime lately?
The coach replied: "Yes and no. You can’t rotate at this point
of the season with the way things are at the moment. There’s too much
riding on every game. It’s about looking at the form and fitness of
each player and considering all the different factors. I might be a virtual
newcomer to Serie A but I don’t remember there ever being so many
league matches all so close together, so you have to look at
everything, even the minor details." And at this point the coach reiterated the
importance and the difficulty of tomorrow’s match at the Stadio Ennio
Tardini, against a Parma team that "have no pressure, are on a winning
run and have quality, morale and enthusiasm on their side."

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