Stramaccioni: "Inter must be perfect"

– "Inter will have to be perfect." Andrea Stramaccioni
has no doubts about the difficulties awaiting Inter away to Parma
tomorrow, the first of the final three Serie A games.
In his pre-match press conference the Nerazzurri coach weighed up the
size of the task: "We’re going to be playing a side in great form, coming off the back of four wins in a row; they are full of
enthusiasm and they want to keep doing well. I’m not the right person to
judge these things, but I think Roberto Donadoni has done an
extraordinary job. It also seems the stadium will be sold out,
and it’s a ground where Inter have struggled traditionally, but I’m
willing to bet that our fans will get behind us tomorrow evening as
well. And the fans can rest assured that we’ll give it our all,
more than our all, to win the game."

All the focus is on Parma even though the
derby awaits at the end of the week. "It couldn’t be otherwise," the coach affirmed. "We must concentrate on Parma and only Parma for two
reasons. The first is the quality of the opposition and the second
is that tomorrow evening’s result will affect our preparation for the
derby and how important it is. I was born in Rome, where
matches between the city’s two clubs are a massive thing, but in Milan I
immediately realised that the derby is an even bigger matter here; it
goes beyond the confines of the city because we’re talking about
two world-class clubs. We can say that the
first two warm-up matches with the Primavera team went well for me; now I hope to do well in
the real thing too. However, I and we will worry about that only after the
Parma game."

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