Stankovic: "Inter, a warm heart and a cool head"

VERONA – "The whole team responded superbly, with pride, a warm heart and a cool head. We controlled the game even after the missed penalty. And we got what we deserved – even if it did only come in the 86th minute." The words, as always straight up and genuine, came from Dejan Stankovic as he described to Inter Channel the team’s display at the Stadio Bentegodi this evening. It was an evening in which Stankovic probably deserved a goal for his efforts but he’s not thinking about it: "It doesn’t matter, I’m happy with everything tonight because we earned a win on a horrible pitch. Now we can rest a bit and prepare to win again on Tuesday."

What about the images of the Nerazzurri hugging each other at the end of Chievo v Inter: "In the good and the bad, we all suffer together. It was a release of tension because we’d won after such a long time and a sign of our determination to do well."

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