Sensi slams 'third-rate' Serie A foreigners

The former Roma chief has voiced her dismay with the quality of players being brought in from other countries

Former Roma president Rosella Sensi has criticised AC Milan, Inter, Juventus and her own ex-club’s transfer business as she feels Serie A sides lure too many mediocre foreign players to Italy.

The 42-year-old, who resigned from her role at Roma in March 2011, feels Italian clubs generally miss out on the biggest foreign talents and then settle for sub-standard players from other European giants.

“Milan, Roma, Juventus and Inter have so many foreigners in their squads,” she told Il Tempo.

“But all those who come to our country are third-rate foreigners.

“They are coming here just because they are being discarded by teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United.

“If we want to see the new [Lionel] Messi, he’s going to be in Spain – whereas the reserve is coming to Italy.”

Roma have 16 foreigners in their current 25-man squad, while Milan (14), Juventus (10) and Inter (24) also have large contingents of non-Italian players at the club.

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