Samaden: "A successful season, thanks everyone"

MILAN – Youth academy director Roberto Samaden spoke to
and reflected upon another successful season for Inter’s
budding champions. Besides congratulating the players, he made a
point of thanking everyone else who has played a part in the
attainment of so many important goals.

"We’ve just had another wonderful adventure with the Giovanissimi Nazionali at
the Manchester United Premier Cup. It was another opportunity for our youngsters and Inter as a whole to
grow, regardless of the final result. We had a fantastic time and even in defeat it shows what results our youth academy can achieve through hard work. An academy made up of
people who grow alongside these future champions day by day,
listening, helping, supporting and teaching them that, just like anything,
success is borne of commitment, tenacity and respect.

"For everything they have shown, the targets they have achieved
and other results we’re proud of, for everything we still have to
achieve together. For these reasons I want to congratulate them all: the
kids, the coaches, the backroom staff and various assistants, everyone who
has given their all for these colours. They have helped Inter’s youth
academy to go from strength to strength – regardless of the result
or final position – and stretch beyond the borders of Italy to challenge
some of the world’s most prestigious clubs. It’s with that same
motivation that we’re now ready to start a new season – one in which
Nerazzurri youth teams at every level are sure to have a big say in
things once again."

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