Ranocchia: "Objective, improve even more"

APPIANO GENTILE – "The preparation is going well and we’ll be ready for
the start of the season
," the words from Andrea Ranocchia, speaking to
Inter Channel, in an interview to air on the news at 19:30. The defender
continued: "The most difficult part of the pre-season camp is gone, and now
we’re speeding up the running and times a little, and we’ll be at our best for
the first game that awaits us.

Ranocchia then spoke of his personal goals but also of those of the team in
general: "I hope to improve upon last year, after six months of
acclimatization and preparation, to have an even better year than the one I
just completed. I’m very sorry for how things went in the Italian Super Cup,
but now we’re doing well and we’ll get revenge."

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