Ranieri: "We can’t cancel the past"

APPIANO GENTILE – "There nothing in the past that I would cancel; it’s impossible to cancel anyway: Helenio Herrera, José Mourinho, can’t be cancelled and won’t ever be forgotten. José and I were enemies, but that was more for the media than anything else, to fan the flames of controversy. I have always had great respect for him and we greeted each other warmly when we met," said Claudio Ranieri of the recent and not so recent past, a past to hold dear. "A past which was wonderful and I hope that our present will be the same. I think I have one quality: when I feel something I can transmit it to the players and that’s what football is all about, simplicity."
The new coach wanted to stress one thing in particular: "I don’t think I have ever behaved badly towards Inter fans."

Is it true that Ranieri would like to see a figure like Gian Paolo Montali at Inter? Asked the journalists in the press conference: "I have never gone into matters like these. I have always done my job which involves technical and tactical aspects. I’m not cut out for managerial roles."

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