Ranieri: "Tonight we played like Inter"

VERONA – On Sky Sport Italia, before any questions were asked, Claudio Ranieri
was shown the images in which he becomes emotional after Inter’s second goal
scored by Diego Milito against Chievo Verona. "What does it mean? That it
matters to me. That I’m happy for the lads because they were playing really
well, and that they deserved it after a month without a win and with everything
we’ve been forced to swallow. It was a great satisfaction for them. Emotion is
the most beautiful thing. I do this job to feel emotions, both positive and
negative, but to tell the truth the positive ones are better. Today’s result is
for morale. I told the team to start again from the 2nd half against Catania.
It’s a big breath of oxygen and I hope that on Tuesday against Marseille the
San Siro with be full and the fans will be urging us on. It won’t be an easy
game, but we’ll try. We have a chance. Let’s try and see what we can manage to
do with our fans behind us."

Ranieri continued: "Now the next step is to move forward in the Champions League. We know very well how important it is for everyone, but especially for us who take to the pitch. We’ll do what we’ve been doing up to now. Certainly winning gives you that joy because football is sport and for such an important team as Inter to go a month without a goal and see all those things vanish isn’t easy. So I have to say thanks to these lads."

An extra boost could come from the fact that this evening Olympique Marseille suffered their fourth consecutive defeat in Ligue 1, but Ranieri responded that, "we have to find the reason for hope within ourselves. Certainly, this win came at the right time and gave us courage. We must use every weapon we have."

President Moratti was also present at the Stadio Bentegodi tonight in Verona. The Nerazzurri coach commented: "He was happy like the rest of us and he congratulated us. He had come to be near us, not for what happened against Novara. The president has always given his full support. I have an excellent rapport with him and therefore I will continue to work and ensure that this team comes back even more. I’m relaxed and I also believe he is because for a coach who has lost for a month it’s not easy to remain calm and to me he seems to have managed."

After Ranieri’s compliments for president Moratti came more directed to Andrea Poli: "He’s a very generous lad. He played a great game and I’m very happy with his performance. But just highlighting only him right now wouldn’t be right because the entire team played as a team. I hadn’t seen Inter play this way for a long time. Why did I only see it now? That’s not the case, but there were players who were injured. I always have to bring out the best on the basis of training, then if I need to change strategy I’m never afraid to. This game gave us some good confirmation; from the two forwards to Sneijder, who never stopped moving for a second. I had never seen him like that since I’ve been here and if he continues like this he’ll make the difference this year as well. Forlan is finding the right rhythm. I’m convinced that now he’ll also score some important goals for us. Now we’ll face Marseille with more confidence and more joy. When things don’t go well I’ll always say so. I really liked the team precisely because we were coming off of a terrible month. Today we started with the right attitude, and also tonight all the conditions were there for us to collapse again, but tonight the lads were exceptional. In short, I’d say that they truly played like Inter."

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