Primavera, Paolillo: "With quality and humility"

MILAN – He’ll be in Castellanza this evening at the Università "Carlo
Cattaneo" – LIUC for the ending of the academic year. His speech at the
ceremony, dedicated in particular to new graduates and their families, will be
the premise for the new three-year degree course on sports management and
sporting events. Then moving from the classroom to the pitch, Ernesto Paolillo
will be in Gubbio tomorrow to accompany Daniele Bernazzani‘s Primavera team for
the final of the Trofeo Giacinto Facchetti against Lazio. presents an interview with Ernesto Paolillo.

After the European title that was won in London, is the Primavera team close to
winning the Scudetto with more certainty? Or is it impossible to prepare for a

"The experience gained on the pitch London can be useful, but not
overconfidence. Humility has always been a strong foundation of this group and
we’ll need it tomorrow against a worthy opponent. We mustn’t forget that we’re
talking about youngsters, and therefore each step is a new world to be
conquered, one after the other. That’s the beauty of the sport. It’s also the
spirit we need when we take on Lazio. Each game is different, so you can only
imagine for a final…"

Bernazzani has had big shoes to fill – those of Andrea Stramaccioni – and he’s
been managing things very well. The coach has continued to give credit to the
group, but he certainly must have added something important to this team.

"Bernazzani has once again demonstrated that not only is he at Inter’s
service, but also that he’s able to transmit a sense of balance to the players.
He managed the last matches of the league season well and it wasn’t easy after
the win and euphoria in London. He’s leading the Primavera team perfectly in
this final phase, giving the group the necessary confidence. He and the staff
continue to make improvements in consistency through competition."

The Primavera team in the final, a Scudetto for the Juniores-Beretti, the
Allievi and Giovanissimi through to the final phase. The youth academy is a
part of the club that builds for the future with demands that are different.
Can we say that the verdict for this season is already considered a positive

"Being part of Inter obliges us to think as winners at every level. And
then, when looking at the overall picture – acknowledging our debt to those who
work every day, from Roberto Samaden to Pierluigi Casiraghi, from the coaches
to the people working at the Centro Sportivo Facchetti – the objective of the
youth academy was clearly achieved. This has been especially confirmed in
recent years, beginning with the management of Piero Ausilio, who is now
sporting director of the first team. Development, scouting and growth of
talent: it was done, this season as in previous seasons, without waste, with a
budget that was limited to a total of 2 million. All on the course set by our
president, Massimo Moratti, who requests that the club have a youth academy
that is modern, dynamic, stimulating and continually improving."

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