Primavera, Inter 1-0 Palermo (HT)

FOLIGNO – The first half of the Campionato Primavera quarter-final between Inter and Palermo ended with Bernazzani’s lads winning 1-0. Mbaye grabbed the only goal just before the half-time whistle.

The Nerazzurri dominated the first half an hour as they carved out four clear-cut chances: the closest was when Crisetig hit the top of the bar following Bessa’s 14th-minute free kick. The Sicilian outfit came to the forefront in the final 15 minutes of the half, however, and their top league scorer Bollino incredibly struck the post when clean through on goal inside the box. Tensions began to rise as the first period came to a close but in the third minute of added time Mbaye connected with Bessa’s cross to head the Nerazzurri in front. Tempers were still flared as the players entered the dressing rooms, with some of the Palermo players launching accusations at members of the Nerazzurri dugout. Palermo goalkeeper Micai was sent off during the interval.

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