Prima Serata, Obi: "Zanetti, Stankovic, my idols"

players, champions, legends – people Joel Obi mingles with on a daily basis
nowadays, but of course it hasn’t always been so. During his interview on Prima
Serata the midfielder told  Roberto Monzani a little anecdote: "When I
came to Italy, one of the first things I did was get myself a
Zanetti shirt. Zanetti was my idol. Not long after that I bought a Stankovic
jersey. Those players seemed untouchable at the time and along with Okocha, a legend in
Nigeria, they were my idols. And to think that I train with them every day now…"

Now, thanks to his ability and his tenacity, Obi plays in
the same team as those idols. Not that it stops him looking up to them:
"They guide me and give me advice. All my team-mates do, on and
off the pitch. I get so much help from them."

He plays alongside them, he chats and shares thoughts with them, and
yet his feet remain firmly on the ground: "I’m working hard so
that I can become a ‘real’ player. There’s a long way to go yet but l
always try to give the best of myself."

In the meantime, he’s happy to keep taking advice from those
around him, and that includes the fans: "When I happen to meet
fans around Milan they always encourage me. And they give me
advice as well."

In Milan, every now and then, Obi also meets a certain…
Mario Balotelli: "We’re still good friends," the
Nigerian revealed. "We often speak and when he comes to Milan we
try to meet up. Mario is a great lad and it always makes me smile when I
hear in the media about the things he’s done, because if you know him you know he’s not the way they depict him; he really is a
decent lad."

Prima Serata, with Joel Obi’s full interview, is starting on Inter
Channel right now.

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