Prima Serata, Milito: when Juve v Inter was won

APPIANO GENTILE – He’s useless in the kitchen
("My wife does all the cooking, she’s rather good") and admits
he’s no technology buff ("Not at all really, I’ve only got a
Facebook profile"), but when it comes to scoring, he’s the best in
the business. Fans were given an insight into the real Diego Milito as he
spoke to Inter Channel in an interview that goes to air at 21:00.

"I feel lucky, actually all I do is try to give my all and do my bit for the
team," Diego smiled. Some of the fans who wrote in asked if Inter
really need a ‘Milito understudy’. "This question about an understudy
is something you need to put to the coach and the people in charge of signing players. Who do I see myself in? Which strikers do I admire? It’s hard
to say who I see myself in, but there are some top players in Serie
A, like Di Natale who has done extremely well, and Cavani. They might
not be that similar to me but they are players I like a lot."

El Principe also knows that he’s not a transfer market expert. Asked what
signings Inter should make, the Argentine hitman replied: "There
are people at the club who are good at dealing with transfer
business and they don’t need me to advise them. The only thing I think
about is playing."

Which is also the only thing his friend and team-mate captain Zanetti is doing, for now at least: "We’ll all retire and Zanetti will
still be going. He’s incredible," Diego smiled.

Finally, El Principe cast his mind back
to the recent league win at the Juventus Stadium: "We were angry at
half time because they clearly should have had a player sent off and
their goal was offside. Anyway we looked each other in the eyes and
told ourselves that we could do it. It was an amazing feeling at the
end and we’ll treasure it as a wonderful memory. We were the first to win at that stadium. It’s great that we ended their 49-game unbeaten run."

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