Prima Serata, Milito: "Interisti, real fans"

APPIANO GENTILE – Versatile, always available, determined to keep
improving and with a great appreciation of the fans. That’s Diego Milito as he appeared on
Inter Channel‘s Prima Serata programme. El Principe spoke about the current team: "In
my career I’ve always been able to adapt to different playing systems
and team-mates. Now I’m playing alongside Rodrigo and Antonio, which
is a great advantage. They help you and create lots of chances for you.
Everything is easier when you have such fantastic players in the side, I really enjoy playing with them."

Images of that unforgettable 2010 are shown in the studio – triumphs that led to "a year that will be hard to repeat, but we’ll
give it our best shot. We always try to give 100% and keep

Milito then had a few words for the fans because, as he explained, "the affection they give you is incredible. They’ve
always been right behind me and I try to pull out all the stops for them. They are real fans, the sort that always stand by you. I’ll never be able to repay them for all the love they’ve
shown me."

From the blue and black to the colours of the other shirts that Milito has worn: "Coming to Inter was a dream. And it was destiny, because before going to Spain I had the chance in 2005, but then I went to Zaragoza, a team where my brother played, and I did well. But then I ended up coming to Inter just the same." El Principe then spoke about his days at Racing Avellaneda, "the team in which I grew up. I first wore the Racing shirt at 9 years old. It’s my home. I won a league title there when the club hadn’t won it for 35 years. That was something special. Then Genoa, my first club in Europe, was something very special. The fans were always fantastic, just as they are at Inter."

All this and much more on Inter Channel at 21:00. Meanwhile, will give you another sneak preview at 19:00

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