Paolillo: "Our gamble paid off"

ZINGONIA – When you talk about passion and the youth academy, you need to hear from managing director and chief executive Ernesto Paolillo, someone who is always very close to the Nerazzurri youth teams. Here’s what he had to say to Inter Channel, as he celebrated winning the Juniores Berretti title, which the Nerazzurri brought home by beating Bergomi’s Atalanta side 4-3. "First and foremost I need to congratulate everyone, the lads, the coach, the backroom staff because they’ve had a brilliant season, and that’s been crowned today by winning the final. This season has been a real challenge. We had a lot of talented youngsters who we didn’t want to let go. These lads and the league campaign we’ve enjoyed have laid the foundations for next season’s Primavera side." It’s been a year full of titles for the youth academy, something Paolillo was quick to point out: "It’s been a great season, besides winning the NextGen Series, the Beppe Viola trophy, the Berretti title, the Nike Cup finals (Giovanissimi Nazionali), we’ve won 5 other league titles, which are not decided by finals. Everyone in the academy has given their all this season and this is very positive for the club as a whole, a sign that we have the basis to produce future champions." From players to coaches, it’s a youth set-up which produces talent, concluded the managing director: "From Stramaccioni to Sergio Zanetti to Bernazzini and Baresi, the youth academy is where we can build for the future."

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