Nerazzurri Cruise to set sail on 16 June 2013

MILAN – The Nerazzurri Cruise – which will set sail on 16 June 2013 – was unveiled today at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti. The initiative sees a partnership between F.C. Internazionale and Royal Caribbean, and is a chance for Inter fans and representatives to come together. Bedy Moratti, honorary president of the Inter Clubs – whose members can enjoy many benefits when booking – was at the launch, along with Roberto Pirrera, director of marketing at Royal Caribbean, and Javier Zanetti.

Pirrera described the cruise as the perfect holiday for Inter fans. The ‘Navigator of the Seas’ – which will set sail from Civitavecchia before heading to Greece and Turkey – is the best ship in the fleet and holds more than 3,500 people. "It’s a unique cruise ship in that it is equipped with a range of sporting facilities including an ice rink and a free climbing wall, making it the ideal vessel for supporters and sports lovers."  

Zanetti was next to speak. What trophy would the captain like to take on board? "I know all our trophies will be on the ship, we’ve won so many over the last few years and this will be a great surprise for our supporters. I hope to get my hands on every trophy there is to win in the future, we want to go back to challenging for trophies, that’s what a big club like Inter should be doing. Either way I’d love to go on the cruise with my family." The president has said that if Juventus put a third star on their shirts, Inter could add an emblem of the treble and the captain stated: "I don’t know if we’ll have a new shirt or not. As I’ve said, if it makes them happy, good luck to them. Everyone knows what went on in the past, let’s try and move on. Congratulations go to Juventus for this league title."

Will there be an even larger Argentine contingent on board? The allusion is to Lavezzi. "Absolutely, if I bring my family, there are 5 of us now! I don’t know, we’re talking about a great player, if he were to join the club then we’d welcome him with open arms as we always do." On a cruise ship you also need someone to the take wheel. A word on Stramaccioni? "I think we’ve made progress over these last 9 games, but I’m also aware that we’ve still got a lot to work on. He’s got a very clear vision, he’s young but has a strong character. We can achieve a lot with him." Have you spoken to Lucio? "I’ve not yet spoken to him as I’ve not seen him since our last league game. I will have a word with him though because – if that is his decision – I’ll be very disappointed because he’s been great here over the years, we’ve won a lot together, and we’d be losing a very gifted player." There’s been a host of big name departures from AC Milan. "A lot of them have left the club, which surprised me a little, as these players have not only given a lot to AC Milan, but also Italian football in general. It’s a tough time for them. It’s never easy to leave, I saw a lot of emotion and tears, I wish them the best of luck. They’re great people and great champions."

And Ivan Cordoba? It was Bedy Moratti this time who spoke, describing Ivan as a very dear friend. "Our beloved Cordoba is a wonderful human being, he’s always done incredible things both in sport and in life in general. He’s a very dear friend, and he’s done a lot of great work. All our players are like that. I hope he stays close by." Captain Zanetti echoed her sentiments. "A brother is leaving us, he’s given so much for this shirt, even when he went through tough times, even when he was injured. He’s been a great help to me, and for this reason I hope he stays nearby." 

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