Moratti: "The team’s well equipped in all areas"

– A long evening that ended with dinner. The event organised to
celebrate the Banca Popolare di Sondrio’s 40th
anniversary, at which Massimo Moratti and Ivan Ramiro Cordoba were
guests of honour, was a resounding success. At the end of the open conference attended by the public and the press, the Inter president answered
questions from some of the journalists who had been covering the

was asked to elaborate further on the financial fair play regulations, a topic that had been brought up by some of the fans in the Sala Fabio Besta. The president explained that "It’s something we must be very
careful about. We have to adapt to the economic climate and balance
the books, and there are various ways of doing that. One path,"
he repeated, "is through player sales, while another is through commercial deals." Naturally, as Moratti himself stressed
again, the first path "is one that we won’t take unless we have
to." Which means that Inter as a company, in all its parts, that
will be responsible for helping to maintain the technical level on the pitch – something the
company has been working towards for some time now.

to current affairs and the official inauguration of Juventus’
new, club-owned stadium, Moratti said: "It’s a smart move by the club and it
solves a lot of problems. Yes, of course Andrea Agnelli invited me, and I
wrote back to thank him and explain that I already had this engagement." In Turin, on Inter’s
behalf, was Mario Corso, representing the
Nerazzurri’s history and the club.

story in the news is Diego Forlan’s ineligibility for the first six
games of this season’s Champions League. The president touched on the
matter for the first time: "I was especially sorry for
Castaignos because if we had known about the problem, we would have
included him in the list. Will I take any action? We’ll see. Furious?
I’m not going to say that something like that can happen because
is quite serious, and it shouldn’t have happened, but that’s not a
reason to go and hit people… Problems are there to be tackled and solved."

the pitch the present focus is next weekend’s game against Palermo,
which will be the Nerazzurri’s league opener – this season Serie A begins with
the Week 2 fixtures due to the postponement of the first week. "The
new formation? I’m not a coach," Moratti stressed, "so I
hope that he is sure about it. I think the team is very strong and well
equipped in all areas. Forlan is a top-class player and I find the idea of Zarate exciting. Pazzini on the bench on Sunday? And who said

there was a mention of Samuel Eto’o’s departure and his farewell to
Inter, in which the Cameroonian likened Moratti to God. The president smiled: "I thank
Eto’o for the way he behaved. Always. He always did things well
and, like Ronaldo, he’s one of those true champions that remain with you, because you are tied to them by your affection."

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