Moratti: "Team on the rise, now Marseille"

VERONA – "This evening’s win was important first of all for the result.
Then there’s the fact that the team seemed on the rise to me. They put a steady
approach into the play and looked good on the pitch. Finally, there’s the point
of view of the Champions League, since Tuesday we have an important match and
it can be useful for morale." Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, president
Massimo Moratti provided a brief but effective statement on why Inter’s victory
against Chievo tonight was fundamental.

Regarding images of an emotional Claudio Ranieri after the goal from Diego
Milito, the president smiled and confessed that, "I didn’t have tears, but
the pleasure and satisfaction of the team scoring and winning again." A
victory that also came thanks to the president’s words, since he always stands
beside his team. "Before the opening kick-off I said what is usually said
before a game, meaning for them to remember the strength of the team, their
faith, their pride. At the end they all embraced. They were all happy, with no
big speeches but rather big smiles and celebrations. Also because it was
Inter’s birthday today."

The result provides confidence a few days before the match against Olympique
Marseille: "We hope this gets things started again, but the Champions
League is a competition in itself and I hope that they take it on with plenty
of fighting spirit and with the knowledge of the significance that this
competition has."

Ranieri stated that the team played as Inter plays. Moratti spoke on whether
this can be enough to eliminate the French opponent: "Today the team
played with confidence and character. I think against Marseille it will be
necessary to give a bit more. They played like Inter, as they won the match
with confidence."

Praising the performance of Andrea Poli ("He really played a good game and
proved he’s a lad that deserves to be in an important team. He was always
alert"), the president tackled the discussion regarding the renewal of
Inter’s squad: "Is it necessary or not? If I were to say no then what
would happen [smiling]? I’ve always believed that a team needs experience.
We’ll see what it will be necessary to do."

From Naples, connected by the studio of Sky Sport Italia, there was Walter
Mazzarri, who Massimo Moratti congratulated for Napoli’s win over Cagliari
("It’s one thing to have good players and another to get them to play
well"), joking about the possible negotiations to bring Ezequiel Lavezzi
to Inter: "I would gladly do it… [smiling]."

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