Moratti: "Stopping was the only choice"

MILAN – Upon entering the Saras offices this morning president Massimo
Moratti answered questions from waiting journalists.

President Moratti, just a simple comment on what was a bad weekend, but one
that also showed that every now and then football can set a good example
through a response of not playing.

"I believe it was obvious not to play. It was the only choice that could
have been made because it was serious. It sent the right message, and that is
also how you respond to such pain. However, it’s something terrible."

Udinese also thanked Inter for their helpfulness and understanding.

"It seems completely normal to me. Even our own players were distraught,
but it was inevitable for Udinese. We’re talking about one of their team-mates,
a player on their team whom they knew well. Therefore it was truly a dire
situation, something profoundly ugly, and the rest of football understood this.
They even understood this abroad and I really liked what occurred and how they
spontaneously participated."

There was talk of Inter not agreeing to the postponement of the matches.

"I don’t know technically what was intended to be done, but there the
problem comes down a bit to the Lega, in the sense that anything turns into a
big problem. Even a different opinion. But let them do what is right. I don’t
think there’s any need to make even the slightest controversy at this

You were on the front line with players like Kanu and Fadiga. In your opinion
can something more be done in the medical checks? Or is this purely a matter of

"I don’t really think that’s the case. The lad had gone through all the
necessary checks. In Italy we are advanced. Kanu and Fadiga were players who
came from abroad and who perhaps had lesser checks behind them. Once they
arrived here the checks were completed and then consequently everything else
that needed to be done."

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