Moratti: "Palacio, a good deal"

MILAN – As he left the Saras offices, president Massimo Moratti answered a few questions from journalists about Inter’s transfer dealings over the summer.

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Are you pleased with the Rodrigo Palacio signing? He’s the sort of player that Inter need tactical speaking, isn’t he?

"Definitely. I think we’ve done a good deal there. Now we’ll see about what other moves to make, both coming in and going out."

Have there been any developments on the Lavezzi front?

"I don’t know, I’ve been away recently so I don’t know a lot. I’ll find out in the next few days."

From what you do know, are the reported figures about the offers made by PSG and Inter right?

"I read about them in the papers. I think PSG have made an interesting offer. Now we’ll see what we can do."

Will you have to increase your bid?

"That depends…"

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