Moratti: "Only thinking of Stramaccioni"

– (ANSA) "Those were wise words from Zanetti. Let’s see if the FIGC
accepts this provocation. If they accept it then everyone is free to do what
they want. It’s a matter of common sense [regarding Juventus, ed.],"
stated Massimo Moratti, upon leaving the meeting of Saras shareholders that was
held today in the Palazzo Turati, when commenting on the question of Juventus
adding a third star to their shirts should they manage to win the Scudetto this
season. "It’s something without the least bit of logic, and for the moment
it seems only to be provocation," continued Moratti.

At the
moment Massimo Moratti does not want to be distracted by other names for the
Inter bench. Regarding Guardiola, Moratti stated after the general meeting of
Saras shareholders in Milan: "I think he’ll take a sabbatical for a year.
For the future I’m thinking only of Stramaccioni," added Moratti.
"Stramaccioni deserves a very good mark. Against Cagliari and Fiorentina,
although it didn’t go well, he showed courage, and this is something that does
not displease me in the least. We have to do well. Napoli have a lot of
security, while we only have to win. We have a difficult match against Parma
and then there’s the derby."

then commented on the continuing rumours coming out of France regarding a
return of Leonardo to Inter: "I read what’s being said in France. I’m
glad. I don’t think it will happen. Everything depends on the evolution that we
want to give to the club. It’s necessary to monitor the situation, for him as
well as for others." (ANSA)

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