Moratti: "On Lucas, our logic is different"

MILAN – Upon exiting the Saras offices,
president Massimo Moratti answered questions from reporters.

President Moratti, what are your
thoughts on what happened in
these last few hours regarding
Lucas and the 45 million that PSG have
supposedly spent to buy him?

"You’ve basically already answered for me,
meaning that I believe that we’ve come to a price that
could be the right one if Paris Saint
Germain consider it to be so, but in
reality it’s not. I believe that
PSG had already been advanced in their negotiations for
a few days, but it’s not the least bit in line with our
way of thinking."

Any regrets for not
having taken the player?

"No, because the figure was so close
and so I have no regrets…[smiling]."

So then it wasn’t an intelligent deal?

"For us it was a seriously wrong
one, so I’m not talking about intelligence.
PSG are using a completely different logic.
They’re re-launching a team and they have the possibility to do it. But very
sincerely I can tell you that I didn’t fully believe
that the Lucas deal was something
that could be carried out since we were dealing with very high figures."

What are the alternatives now for Inter?

"For now the one of having saved
money, then we’ll see [smiling]."

Is Gaston Ramirez a player that you might like?

"They’re all good players.
But I’m not the one to suggest players.
That’s for someone else to do."

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