Moratti: "Objectives provide motivation"

MILAN – At the entrance of the Saras offices, president Massimo Moratti
answered questions from waiting journalists, commenting on both Inter’s victory
against Udinese yesterday in the rescheduled Week 33 Serie A match, as well as
yesterday’s Champions League semi-final.

President Moratti, arithmetic is a good subject to consider now when thinking
of the third place spot.

"Yes, but the arithmetic also depends on the results, so we’ll see.
Yesterday’s test was a good one, certainly very good on the part of the coach
above all, and on the part of the players who expressed themselves exactly how
the coach wanted. Then with their qualities they knew how to give something

Is Andrea Stramaccioni’s confirmation on the Inter bench tied to reaching the
third place spot?

"That’s one way to look at it, but it’s always good to set objectives
because it’s a motivation to constantly do better."

Last night, Real Madrid was eliminated from the Champions League. Do you
believe Josè Mourinho will
leave Spain?

"I don’t know, but I was very sorry because I know very well the character
and commitment that he puts into doing things. Therefore, in spite of that
commitment, I imagine that it was a big disappointment to be on the end of such
an unlucky result with the penalties. However, he has the capability and
quality, and as he himself said last night, ‘I still have time to win more
Champions League titles.’"

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