Moratti: "A project for the future"

MILAN – Outside the Saras
offices, president Massimo Moratti answered questions from Sky Sport 24’s Matteo Barzaghi.

The games against Chievo
Verona and Olympique Marseille will be huge for Inter… 

"Of course. In
the league we need to continue to show what we did in the last half an hour of
Sunday’s game, and the game against Marseille will be important because it’s
the Champions League, so we need to get it right." 

are your thoughts on Claudio Ranieri? It can’t be easy for a coach to
keep things on track during this difficult period. 

"Of course it’s not easy for a coach to read in the papers every day that there’s a new
coach coming in to replace him, when in actual fact no contact has been made
with any other coach. He’s professional, he’s getting on with his job, and he
has my complete support in this difficult time that he’s experiencing and that
we’re trying to get through."

Moratti, are you concerned by the fact that the fans are discontented and
asking for explanations? 

"I think it’s quite normal – I do it
myself if I’m not happy as a supporter – to try and work out what is going on.
All I can say is that I haven’t been indifferent or absent as I read
somewhere, but quite the opposite, and I am therefore trying to work on a
timeframe which ensures that things are resolved this year and that we have a
project going forward. "

has claimed that you got rid of him when he asked you to sack Cuper. 

"Ronaldo’s memory differs
slightly from mine, but I’m too fond of him to contradict him. It happened
somewhat differently, I don’t see myself in the hard role that he has depicted
of me."

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