Mazzarri: Even Barcelona have gone through rough patches

The 52-year-old has admitted that his morale is low at the moment, but has little doubt that things will soon improve at Inter

Walter Mazzarri is confident that Inter will return to winning ways again after a few difficult months and has pointed out that even Barcelona have had their fair share of rough patches over time.

The Nerazzurri have dropped to fifth spot in the Serie A table after a string of disappointing performances, the latest being in their 1-0 defeat to Genoa.

But Mazzarri remains optimistic about Inter’s chances of challenging for the top places.

“Life consists of ups and downs, and football is no different. Even teams like Barcelona have gone through rough patches and Inter can have them too,” Mazzarri told Italia 1.

“From a sporting standpoint my morale is somewhat low at the moment. When we began I knew it could be difficult guiding a club like Inter, especially considering the way things looked over the summer.

“But then we started very strongly, even beyond the expectations. Then we slowed down, which came down to some fault of our own, the way our opponents figured out how to play against us, and also because of a bit of bad luck.

“But after all this we’re still in fifth place, ahead of teams like AC Milan and Lazio, who already had solid teams from last season.”

Inter resume Serie A action on Sunday at home against Catania.

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