Matthaus fumes as court claims he is dead

In an odd sequence of events, the Germany legend was pronounced dead by a Bavarian court, to which the 52-year-old, still alive and kicking, responded angrily

An irate Lothar Matthaus was forced to deny rumours of his death after the former Germany midfielder was extraordinarily listed as ‘deceased’ by a local court.

Court officials in Munich attempted to send documents to Matthaus regarding a legal dispute with his ex-wife, but were unable to locate the former Bayern Munich star.

And in a bizarre twist, the court deemed the lack of contact as sufficient grounds to ascertain his demise, stamping ‘deceased’ in his official court file.

The revelation, unsurprisingly, did not sit well with Matthaus, who asserted to Bild that he was, in fact, still alive and well.

“It’s an outrage! I’m alive, and everyone can see that I’m alive, whether they watch me on the pitch or on the TV,” he fumed. “If anyone wants to see where I am, this is quite simple.”

Matthaus won 150 caps for Germany during a 20-year international career, and since retiring in 2001, has held positions as both a coach and football analyst.

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