Letter from Ernesto Paolillo to Massimo Moratti

Dear President,

I have always thought that life, much like the economy, comes in cycles and that is why I would like to inform you that – following the upcoming conclusion of the final stages of the Youth Academy leagues – I consider my cycle at Inter to be at an end.

It is from the bottom of my heart that I thank you, the entire Moratti family and everyone at the club for the constant support I have received during these fantastic years, as well as the opportunity you gave me to be a part of the success that Inter has had – at every level – over the course of this cycle.

It has been an incredible, unique experience and I will not try to hide how emotional I am in taking this decision.

Thank you again, and all the best to Marco Fassone who is about to begin a new cycle, part of a bright future here at Inter.

Warmest regards,

                                                                 Ernesto Paolillo

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