Lega: presentation of the new Nike official ball

MILAN – the colours white, red and green stand out against the black geometrical designs of the Nike Maxim, the ball that will make its debut in the Italian Super Cup fixture and will then be used in all events organised by the Lega Serie A next season, from the Serie A championship to the Coppa Italia and the Primavera championship.

"Attention is focused on the Italian flag and on the crest of our football association and this is fitting as it celebrates Italy’s victory in the European Championship semi-final," remarked Maurizio Beretta, president of Serie A who have used Nike balls for the past six seasons.

"It’s an updated version of the ball we used last season and has been developed with the collaboration of the University of British Columbia," explained Andrea Rossi, General Manager of Nike Italy. "The new design includes carefully studied geometrical designs which improve visibility especially on the edge of the ball as it moves or rolls. These new additions also allow greater stability and precision." (ANSA). 

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