Julio Cesar: "We’ll see at the end"

FLORENCE Julio Cesar was named man of the match by Sky Italia after saving a penalty by Ljajic against Fiorentina – the 10th spot-kick awarded against the Nerazzurri this season and the fifth given by today’s referee Mr Valeri. The Brazilian keeper spoke to Sky after the final whistle: "It’s a really tough season for us but we’re trying. It’s not the first time we’ve had the chance to get within touching distance of third place but Fiorentina were set out really well at the back and it was difficult to find spaces to attack. I’m happy that Sneijder and Maicon are back though. In any case it’s not finished yet, we’ll keep plugging away and work things out at the end."

Julio Cesar was then asked about the spot-kick he saved: "It’s always a great feeling for a keeper to save a penalty, but it feels better when you win. It was partly down to Ljajic not hitting it brilliantly and partly because I made a good save."

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