Julio Cesar: "I saw Inter’s spirit again"

MILANJulio Cesar also had a leading role in the derby, as usual. His
presence was crucial, even when Rizzoli deemed him "guilty" of a foul
on Boateng, which brought the score to 1-1. The Nerazzurri goalkeeper spoke to
Inter Channel: "I was a bit angry. Very angry, because it wasn’t the first
time it had happened with Rizzoli; years ago at Napoli he called a penalty
against me, although I had completely played the ball. I saved the kick and he
said to me, ‘See there? At least I made you look good.’ Today the same thing
happened, and so I asked him if he has some kind of grudge against me. Now I’ll
miss out on the Lazio game because I was already on a yellow. But I think it was a great match. It was fully deserved victory and a
special match because it was my 300th, and also because we won.
Therefore I’m going home happy… and on foot."

AC Milan’s second goal came at the beginning of the second half, after "a
first half that we had played beautifully," added Julio Cesar. "It
was great play from Ibrahimovic in the second half, but it’s not the first time we’ve come back from going down since Stramaccioni’s been here. I believe
this is the Inter spirit the fans are used to seeing. I’m happy to once
again have seen a team showing its strength, grit and hunger to win."

Finally, when asked what he said to Zlatan Ibrahimovic before the penalty he
replied: "Nothing special. But I prefer not to say and keep it between the
two of us."

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