Inter Channel, Cordoba: "Inter, I value it all"

APPIANO GENTILE – They gave him so many books, "we were at dinner and
people were watching. They must have thought ‘My, how much this guy
". Ivan Ramiro Cordoba spoke about his 35th birthday, the 12th
with Inter. An interview with Inter Channel, airing on the news broadcast, took
place under the channel’s new direction on the first floor of the Centro
Sportivo Angelo Moratti. The defender stated: "Last night I celebrated
with my family at the sea, this morning we all had breakfast together and then
I came to Appiano for training. And here was, as always, a new party,"

because this is his second home.

"If I could give a gift to Inter it would be victories. Many of
which have marked the career path of Ivan, vice-captain, always
ready to pitch in and help the group. "When I arrived in Milan I never
thought I would be able to celebrate my 35th birthday wearing the Nerazzurri
shirt. So it’s also nice for this,"
he realised for having made history,
and having written indelibly in pages, both his and ours. "I don’t have
just one image in particular to remember. I remember it all with pleasure, even
the bad things, because I lived it all with great commitment, intensity and
pride." A true example of someone who might not make the front pages or
the news, but someone who makes the difference. By example. "Before the
trip to China, I asked the coach if I could make the trip. I knew I couldn’t
make an active contribution to the team, but I wanted to be with the team for
the first stage of a new season. It’s a shame it went badly, but the Beijing
experience was an important one, because we were a group, and that will help

It will also help, according to Cordoba, because "in the first half, which
was almost perfect, we saw everything that Gasperini wants from the team. Then,
of course, at the beginning of the season it’s not easy to have consistency
over 90 minutes, but that first half showed that the group is working well and
a lot."

The defender is completing his recovery after the knee operation he had on 15
April (a ‘revision’ to the lateral meniscus). Even if he doesn’t say so, he’s
raring to go and working day after day with maximum commitment:
"Everything is going according to plan. Without a hitch. I still have some
routine checks, but that’s okay. I’m stepping up the work, and I can’t wait to
help out the team."
Buena suerte, Ivan!

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