Inter Campus: in Bulgaria with the Noykov Foundation

BULGARIA – The Inter Campus delegation returned to Bulgaria for the second
annual visit intended for monitoring activities. After landing in Sofia the
group immediately departed for Trojan, a city of 30,000 inhabitants located 160
km east of the capital in the heart of the Balkans.

In addition to the 45 children of the Trojan group, two delegations of 15
children with their respective instructors arrived to join the cells of Inter
Campus Sapareva Bania and Bania, and from Vradevo arrived 20 more children (ten
of whom were girls). The latter group officially became part of the Inter
Campus Bulgaria family; they boast a school with an adjoining dormitory that
houses children who, for various reasons, cannot go home to their families
during the school week. They happily and enthusiastically joined up with the
children from the other groups and together participated in four days of play
and training sessions on the pitches in Trojan under the guidance of our
coaches, Paola Balconi and Juri Monzani.

In addition to the integration work carried out by Inter Campus in recent years
(9% of the Bulgarian population is made up of ethnic Roma), a support programme
is now underway for children who come from dysfunctional families.

We send our best wishes to Mr. Venteslav Panchev, the new director of Inter
Campus Bulgaria ‘Stefan Noykov Foundation’.

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