In the name of Angelo Moratti

MILAN – On 12 August 1981 Angelo Moratti passed away in Viareggio. Thirty years later his memory is still incredibly vivid and not just for people involved in Inter. He was a man who was capable of leaving his indelible mark both in the professional and in the sporting world.

That summer’s day thirty years ago he was survived by a family who still today take inspiration from him and millions of Inter fans who, with the success of that Great Inter team, learned to believe in dreams and see those dreams come true. Other things that we learned from Angelo Moratti, were the value of work, the meaning of challenge, loyalty and generosity. All of these elements are indispensible to create a dream and do so with intelligence and with honesty.

His Inter team won everything, but Angelo Moratti is not only remembered for the trophies. His memory is still so limpid on account of his great personality and what he was able to communicate, and not just to those closest to him. This is why those who loved him saw in him a role model and those who knew him or worked alongside him have not forgotten him, and along with those who never met him, all join together to remember a man who really was an Angel for so many people, today, just as much as then.

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