Guarin: "I know my time will come"

APPIANO GENTILE – He is getting better every day, and so is his Italian. "Luckily on the pitch, you communicate with the ball…," says Fredy Guarin with a big smile on his face. In spite of the progress he’s made with the language, he still finds the easiest thing is to let his feet do the talking.

On the eve of Udinese v Inter, El Guaro opens up to Roberto Scarpini during ‘A tu per tu’. "I feel good, I’m getting better every day. I keep working hard to get back to full fitness, so that I can make the difference and help the team. I’m waiting for this time to come. I’m here for the team. I want to show that I can do well here and I will. My time will come, you’ll see," promised the midfielder.

In the meantime Guarin is still trying to discover Italy and not simply the language ("I try to speak in Italian to improve but at times, when I don’t understand, they help me out in Spanish. Cordoba helps me a lot"), because even the playing style is different. "Here in Italy you need to get used to playing in tighter spaces, the marking is tighter. But I’ll learn and I’ll adapt my game accordingly."

Guarin then focuses on tomorrow’s game against Udinese, a six-pointer which could be crucial. "It’s a very important game for us, as indeed it is for them. We have the chance to climb the table, and they could be 3 big points in trying to achieve our target of third place. We must win and we’ll do everything we can to do so."

Finally, a thought for Piermario Morosini. "When it happened it affected me a great deal," says Guarin. "Seeing someone who lives the same sort of life you do, who has the same passion for the game, a young man die like that… I felt sad even though I didn’t know him personally."

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