Gasperini: "We’ll bounce back – with balance"

"There’s only one result we want tomorrow and we want to get it
with a good performance." Gian Piero Gasperini was speaking in the
press conference on the eve of Matchday 1 of the 2011/12 UEFA
Champions League, which sees the Nerazzurri host Trabzonspor at the
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza tomorrow.

"Trabzonspor are a good
side," the coach explained. "We’ve witnessed that in the last few
matches they have played. And every game is difficult in the Champions League. We also have to consider that we’re not going through an
easy period. We don’t take any game lightly, or think ‘this is an
easy one to win’. Trabzonspor have quality and pace; they are a tough
side. They’re missing a few players but they have quality replacements."

Gasperini was asked if he
was going to change the team’s formation for tomorrow’s match: "We’ll
see…" he began with a smile, "Kick-off is at 20:45. A lot will depend on the
situation and on our opponents. We’ll take the best
things we’ve done and try to keep them going. And we’ll take the
mistakes we’ve made, some of them big mistakes, and try not to
repeat them. We’re working hard to improve and we’ll look to play a different

So what were the biggest
mistakes made against Palermo? "The worst thing," explained the
Nerazzurri coach, "was exposing ourselves so much and creating an imbalance, allowing them
to hit is on the break: we have to
work on that. But there were positives too, let’s not forget about
those. Still, after a game like that there are obviously a few things
that need to be corrected. We were undone and unbalanced, as I
said, but we can fix that, and we’ll do so regardless of the formation, which
does affect things but is not really such a determining factor – everyone
has to help the defence. And I’ve always said that with me at the helm Inter would have
to be flexible in the way they play. However, it’s simplistic to put everything down to
a problem of formation; what we need is to find the right balance.
And the players have always given me their full support in that."

The coach was then quizzed about Giampaolo Pazzini being left on the bench against
Palermo – something that, according to some of the journalists in the
press room, sparked a lot of debate. "Everything sparks a lot of
debate… The point is that Milito is an important player and Pazzini is
an important player. They are all important."

"We’ll try to bounce
straight back tomorrow," Gasperini declared. "We have this
opportunity right away and we want to make the most of it. I’ll
try to be as objective as possible when assessing what went well and what didn’t,
and we’ll work on those things."

The coach was also asked
about his preferences in attack, and whether he would consider playing
Milito and Pazzini in partnership: "I generally prefer to play with a
centre forward and two in support. Milito and Pazzini are both
excellent centre forwards, that’s true, and it’s one of Inter’s
strengths; it’s certainly not a flaw. Remember that we’ll be
playing a game every three days. Both strikers are hitting the net regularly
and Forlan has scored too. That is definitely a positive aspect."

A direct question was put
to Gasperini about the chances of Sneijder starting and a four-man
defence being adopted: "There is a chance, yes. It also depends on
how our opponents play; it always depends on how the opposition
plays. But, again, I think it’s reductive to talk about a 3- or 4-man

Finally, Gasperini replied
with a smile when asked whether he had seen the imitation of him done
recently by Italian comedian Fiorello: "No, unfortunately I haven’t
seen it, but I hope to make Fiorello happy very soon, as he is a huge
Inter fan."

One thought on “Gasperini: "We’ll bounce back – with balance"”

  1. before, & i hope to be proven wrong, but the Spanish fboaotll of Luis Enrique will struggle in Serie A.De Rossi has played the libero role with Spalletti before. although his passing range is not as varied, imaginative & precise as Peq, he is safe. Pizarro can play well, but needs space around him.Roma’s pressing was high, & the nature of Inter’s defenders helped. i’ll forever call for Cambiasso to play in the back line because he can pass his way out of trouble. behind Totti, Borini & Osvaldo’s pressing, there was about 20-30m of free space which no one occupied. Roma’s midfield was too flat, light & defensive in that aspect.with every game, more problems than solutions arise for both teams. but still, I hope these 2 catch up with Conte’s Juve & Max’s Milan

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