Fans at Solo Inter for Cordoba

More than 500 people turned up at the Solo Inter store in Via
Berchet 1, Milan, to meet Ivan Cordoba. And Ivan repaid their enthusiasm by patiently posing for photos and signing autographs. He also said a "Huge thank you" to the
Nerazzurri fans via the journalists inside the
official club store.

"A huge thank you not only for all the attention they
are showing me today," the defender said, "but especially for
everything they have given me over the years at Inter. Love and
lots of support, and that’s why I’ve always felt part of a family: it’s always helped me along. These years have been like a
wonderful dream, I really am grateful. Twelve and a half unforgettable

And a whole lot of emotions: "Right the way up to my
last game, which was incredible. It helped me accept my choice more
serenely. A choice I made with my family, partly so I could spend
more time with them. I’m very attached to this team and I always will
be, because it’s the only team I’ve played for since coming to
Europe. Which are my fondest memories? It has to be the Champions
League… 2010 was an unforgettable year. Looking back the only disappointment was losing the European Super Cup. But another of my
best memories is the first Coppa Italia – that’s what started off
our trophy-winning streak."

That streak that has come to a halt for the time being but Cordoba is sure the team will soon get back to
winning ways because, "We’re working towards a big future for this team.
The president and the executives know what to do."

That is what the Nerazzurri are interested in, Cordoba
explained, not things like Juventus’ ‘third star’: "That’s their
business, it’s up to them to do what they want. We’re not interested."

There was inevitably a question about his future: what
will Ivan do now? He smiled and replied quite frankly, "I’m going to be a dad and a
husband." And then what? "And then we’ll see. I’m willing to do
whatever the club thinks is right for me. I feel part of the Inter
family, this is my home, and it will always remain in my heart regardless
of what happens."

Finally, there were specific questions about two
players: one who is rumoured to be in Inter’s sights and the other
who is already a Nerazzurri player. "Lavezzi is an extraordinary footballer and he’d fit in well here at Inter…" Ivan smiled. "As for
Guarin, I’m sure he will have an amazing season next year. In these few games alone he’s already shown what quality he has. And if he starts the
season with everyone else he can play a key role."

Another person with a key role to play is Andrea
Stramaccioni, for whom Cordoba had nothing but praise: "He’s great,
an excellent coach. He immediately realised what needed to be done."

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