Crisetig: "Stankovic, an amazing professional"

APPIANO GENTILE – Speaking to Inter Channel, the young Lorenzo Crisetig, who
has been with the first team, spoke of the summer pre-season period: "It
was and still is a great honour for me to be with the first team, to be able to
train with them, learn from them. For this reason I can’t say this summer has
been anything less than fantastic. Any act, any action, made by the great
Nerazzurri champions can only help a youngster like me learn something very

But which player has Crisetig been most impressed by over these weeks?
"They are all great players from which I can learn, as I said. But perhaps
the one who impressed me most of all has been Stankovic, for the way he trains
and his commitment, which is always best; he’s an incredible

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