Cordoba: "Milano siamo noi, spine-tingling"

JAKARTA – Ivan Cordoba was surprised to see just how much passion Indonesia has for Inter and he wanted to thank all the fans for making him and his team-mates feel at home: "I never thought you could experience something like that abroad: hearing them sing Milano siamo noi was spine-tingling. I can’t thank them enough. All this is a huge honour for us, and my team-mates feel the same way."

Just like in Italy, the same subjects keep coming up, such as Ivan’s future: "I’m proud of all the years I’ve spent at Inter. This is a family for me and I’ll always feel a part of it. I have no regrets about the choice I’ve made: it’s time for me to focus more on my family and play football a bit less – with my friends and my children. Work as a club official in the future? I enjoy being at this team and this club, but I don’t know. We’ll see. If the opportunity arises for me to keep making a contribution here, I’ll do that, but nothing has been decided yet. Regardless of what happens I’ll always be close to Inter."

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