Cerrone: "This Scudetto due to continuity"

 The telephone connection is perceptible in
, "just
like my voice,"
said Salvatore Cerrone,
the 52-year-old who has been coach of the FC Internazionale Youth
Sector since 2000. He was travelling back to Milan with
the Giovanissimi
 after leading them to the championship
in their category; it was the second in his career after 2009 which
he also won with the

Cerrone, when did you realise the Giovanissimi 2011/12 were capable
of winning the Scudetto?

beating Pescara in the Italian part of the ‘Manchester
United Premier Cup
at the beginning of March. That was when we took on the teams which
were being talked about as possible champions. After the Pescara
match I told the lads: ‘If we do well and you do well, we can go all
the way.
But there are a lot of things to keep in mind if you want to win and
you need some luck too, but that’s in general, not only in

do you think the qualities of this team of 15-year olds are?

and friendship and the group themselves. This squad has
always been a tough nut to crack since they began at the School of
Football and grew up together. They followed a path here, learning
human and technical skills through the Inter school. When you win a
youth championship, especially the first at a national level like
this, success doesn’t just come to the level you are playing at but
to the whole Sector, to the trainers and coaches, who have perfected
these boys all the way through their careers until today. I consider
this to be the continuity Scudetto for our Youth Sector." 

can this group improve?

they need more experience and they need more character. OK we are
talking about fifteen-year-olds so we can’t expect them to be mature
or bloody-minded enough to be able to deal with all of the situations
that come up in a match. Here I’m talking about during the season,
after a positive spell, some lean spells came along. It’s possible to
lose too, of course, that’s only natural, although we only lost once
in the championship, right at the beginning away to Atalanta… But
that’s never enough at 15…or at 52 like me."

the squad for the final stages, you added two

just another demonstration of our Youth Sector policy. During the
final stages, when Regional championships have already finished,
under-age children can join the squads and contribute a lot with
their skills. It’s all part of their education which is the basis for

what does this Scudetto mean for Salvatore Cerrone? Does he deserve a
special dedication?

victory belongs to the club, to everyone at the Youth Sector and to
the staff who worked hard with the boys. They have done a lot and
done it well. As for me. I’m just pleased to have contributed
something, adding something to all of the above and a lot really has
gone into this, as I think back to my predecessors who contributed
just as much as I did. What really is satisfying is seeing all the
hard work that went into this on the pitch in training, come into
flower now, in both tactics and technique all the way through to
attitude as well. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did
and in particular the boys. To win practising a concept of football
involving organisation in attack on the pitch and showing up the
qualities of individual players without forgetting they are part of a
team and a squad."

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