Cambiasso: "It’s a false start, not a tragedy"

can expect a tough game, that’s for sure." Esteban Cambiasso was
the man chosen by Gian Piero Gasperini to speak at the press
conference on the eve of Inter v Trabzonspor, and he began by commenting on the Turkish outfit: "I don’t know of any
team in the Champions League that is easy to play against and,
regardless of the previous encounter between Inter and Trabzonspor
many years ago [a 2-1 aggregate victory for Inter in the 1983/84 UEFA Cup], they will want to prove they are
good enough to compete in the Champions League. We’ll have to be very
careful, and in particular watch out for their counters when we’re on the attack."

Cambiasso was then asked
in what frame of mind Inter go into this European fixture after the defeat against
Palermo in the league: "We’re extremely motivated. A team
like ours doesn’t get knocked back after losing a game, it
looks forward to the next match straight away."

So how does a player react to
the criticism? "As a player you just have to let it wash over you.
Criticism mustn’t affect your mood, you can’t be looking around to see
who is criticising you, how much and in what way. You just have to
concentrate on doing your job," the Nerazzurri midfielder

Talk turned to the 3-man defence, which has come in for a fair amount of criticism in
certain quarters: "Sitting here and debating about whether to play
3 or 4 at the back is reductive: there are 10 men who defend in a
team. When you analyse a game you can’t just look at the formation.
I’ve won playing with a 4-man defence and I’ve lost with a 4-man
defence. Football is much more complicated than that."

When asked yet another
question about what changes need to be made in the light of the Palermo defeat,
Cambiasso replied; "What is the problem exactly? Because we lost a
game? So you lose a game and then you’re supposed to change everything from
the president right down to the kit men? I really don’t get what
we’re talking about. We lost, ok, but nobody has looked to pass the
blame or make excuses. We just need to remain calm: we made some
mistakes but we just have to stay calm. Personally I don’t see any
problem. All that’s happened is that we lost a match, and it won’t be
the last time. It’s a false start but let’s not make a tragedy out of
it. Now we must concentrate on the Champions League and on not
making another false start."

Finally, a wish, which is
also an invitation to the Nerazzurri faithful: "I hope the
Interisti will get behind us at the stadium tomorrow for our first
Champions League match. We’ll be expecting them."

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