Cambiasso: "It turned out all right"

Another derby for Esteban Cambiasso and another intelligent post-match analysis from the midfielder: "Yes, I did expect
Inter to go out there and put in a first-half performance like that. We played superbly but it seemed like a cruel joke when we went from
possibly being 2-0 up to suddenly finding ourselves pegged back. We were
really annoyed at half time and maybe we didn’t keep as calm as
we should have. Then the second half started and after everything we’d done we were behind and we
realised we had to react and turn the game around. Apart from a few
episodes it all went well. The gaffer even managed to give Ivan an
appearance – with everything it meant for him to be coming onto the

Will Cordoba hanging up
his boots mean Cambiasso has to take on even more responsibility? "For a
start I hope Ivan stays here with us, whatever his role might be.
He’s still a very important member of this club and I can’t imagine
coming to work in the morning and not seeing him here. He’s been playing
less recently and he isn’t always with us in pre-match retreats any more, but
I still can’t imagine a day without him after everything we’ve been
through together over the years. We really wanted to be able to give
him a fitting send-off – that was another thing that drove us on out there."

Cuchu was also asked about his goal that wasn’t: "The other lads told me it was a goal, but
the linesman said it wasn’t. Then the penalty given against us came about from a situation, a moment, that was bound to ruffle our feathers. A
game where we’d had the chance to score and the next minute
they’ve equalised, from a penalty that should never have been given; plus Julio Cesar was a booking away from a
suspension and now he’ll miss the last match against Lazio –
that’s obviously going to make you feel pretty wild for a few

Finally, looking back on
the season, Cambiasso admitted that "we can’t place all the blame
elsewhere. We’ve made mistakes this season. Now let’s see where
we can finish and what we’ll have to look forward to next season. But
as I’ve said before, I think Inter can afford to have a year like this after
everything we’ve won, as long as it’s just one year and then we slip
back into our usual gear."

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