Branca: "Stramaccioni isn’t playing for his future"

UDINE – Nerazzurri technical director Marco Branca gave a brief interview to Sky Italia before Udinese v Inter kicked off, stressing the importance of the game irrespective of Lazio’s defeat earlier in the day. "I think it’s important anyway, regardless of what other teams do. We have to look at ourselves. Is Stramaccioni playing for his future today? No, he’s not playing for his future at all, we’re all playing for the chance to get that Champions League spot. The line-up? It means the coach was certain that these were the best 11 to win this game and provide us with a bit of quality. I think we’re ok on the wings. The coach has given it some thought because at this stage of the season it’s almost as much about fitness levels than anything; he’s picked the best team for this match."

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