Branca: "Stramaccioni, an enjoyable risk"

PARMA – "We must try to
win every game regardless of what Napoli do; their win makes no difference to what
we have to do." That was how Marco Branca replied to Sky Sport
in the build-up to Parma v Inter when asked if it was even
more important for Inter to get the three points tonight given that Napoli
beat Palermo yesterday.

What does the future hold for Andrea Stramaccioni? It’s an oft-heard question heard at the moment but this time it came from a different angle: Isn’t there the risk that despite all the compliments he’s received, Stramaccioni could end up
being ‘loved and left’? The
Nerazzurri technical director answered: "I
don’t think that’s going to happen. If he’s getting compliments
it’s because he deserves them. If it is risk then it’s an enjoyable one. No, I don’t think there will be an announcement before the end of the
season. How important are results? I think it’s a results game for
every team, but what matters even more is the way an individual
goes about the job; his ideas and how he gets them across. And that’s where our
coach has shown his qualities."

Branca was also asked to give his thoughts on the possibility that
Juventus could wear a ‘third star’ on their playing shirts if they win
the league: "I think there are lots of differing views on the matter. Some people say it’s a marketing ploy, others
say it’s an unwritten rule. What I say is that there’s an
officially recognised list of winners and that should be respected."

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