Bernazzani: "First target achieved"

– Daniele Bernazzani gave his thoughts to Inter Channel after
watching his Primavera side draw 1-1 against Udinese and finish top of Group B.
"There are no easy matches. Udinese had nothing to lose so
they came here looking to play their game. They’re a decent side who have done well recently. We could only draw today and that’s
a shame because we want to win every match. Having said that, we’re taking home an
important point because it means we win the
group; it’s the result we needed."

After 43 competitive matches this season (26 in
the league, 4 in the Coppa Italia, 9 in the NextGen Series, 4 in the
Viareggio Cup), the Primavera will now have a month to recover and
prepare for the final stage of the Campionato Primavera. Bernazzani observed:
"It won’t be easy to take
to the field again after such a long time without any competitive action. We’ll have to make sure we
don’t ease off too much and we play friendlies that keep us ticking over
at a high tempo."

coach then analysed today’s match: "Perhaps
we lacked some of the aggressiveness and determination that we
probably would have had if we’d been forced to go for the win; that’s
obviously a limitation. After taking the lead we did started playing
around a bit and took our foot off the pedal. That’s something we need to
improve on, even though all the matches we’ll have now will be
decisive and any lapse in concentration is unthinkable."

On how he has done since replacing Stramaccioni: "What
mark would I give myself? None, I’m pleased that we’ve achieved our first
target. It was just a question of getting used to the team and
keeping things the way they were already set up."

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