Awaiting Prima Serata: Stramaccioni and craziness

APPIANO GENTILE – Inter Channel will be airing a special edition of Prima
tonight at 21:00 on channel 232 of Sky Italia and streaming on

Andrea Stramaccioni was the guest in the studio, with host Edoardo Caldara. The
Nerazzurri coach was among family in the television studio and one joke led to
another as they set up his microphone but, as the countdown began for filming
to start, there he was on the bench; in a clip showing a collage of images,
nine matches, gestures, movements, shouts, smiles, embraces, as the viewers
eyes are spellbound.

"It was like watching the Inter coach," he exclaimed as soon as the
cameras switched on, and this led to the question as to whether, almost two
months after beginning with the first team, he actually feels like the Inter
coach. "There is always an unconscious part of me that still can’t believe
it." These are his sentiments, even though president Moratti declared that
there was nothing crazy about choosing him, stating that it was actually the
most intelligent choice to be made at that time. "I thank him. We can say
that he made a great bet, showing a truly special intuition. I can tell you
that as the one who benefited from it," replied Stramaccioni.

There was talk of craziness, but there wouldn’t be enough time in a single
episode to explain the rapport that he has with Stramaccioni: "This is an
interesting chapter, and we could spend all night discussing it… I don’t know
if crazy is the right word, but there’s a certain kind of unpredictability,
sometimes even with myself. I believe, and I also see it in my own players,
there’s a rational part and a part that is beyond control. Something that moves
on its own that you have inside you and can’t be learned anywhere. This is
added value and something different that has allowed me to get here, or perhaps
to convince the president. I believe he was struck by this part of me, not by
my rationality. That’s the sensation I have."

At 21:00 on channel 232 or, the live broadcast of the Andrea Stramaccioni interview will air
on Prima Serata

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